California may be in a drought but we’ve INCREASED our hours of operation. PLUS to make things even BETTER we are now offering 2 separate end points for our guests to choose from. The flows are lower which means the water is slower. No problem! We’re now offering our guests the option to choose from our normal 6 mile float with an estimated 4-5 hour float time or a shorter 3 mile float which takes about half the time. We recommend our normal Riverbend Park takeout to guests who arrive before noon and are experienced paddlers who want more time floating in the river. Our Rossmoor Bar takeout is great for people arriving between 12-2pm who want to take their time and don’t feel like paddling much. This will be a much more relaxing float for guests who want to lounge and stop along the way to picnic and swim. Both takeouts offer a ride through the famous San Juan Rapids and both trips deliver hours of fun in the sun! Both end point options are also easy to find. Our crew will be waiting for you at both stops to collect your equipment and buses will be available from both locations to bring you back to your vehicles at the starting point. Rossmoor Bar is located about 500 yards downstream of the San Juan Rapids on the left next to 2 distinctive water towers. You will not see any other water towers on your trip so you can be sure this is the right spot. Look for our crew and pull off next to the big sign that says, “Raft Take Out.” To find our Riverbend Park takeout you will want to keep an eye out for a long cement wall on the right hand side with nice houses above it. Our Riverbend takeout is on the left across from the end of the cement wall. Our takeout here is a long white rocky beach which also has a big sign that reads “Raft Take Out.” Hint: if you see a bridge you’ve almost gone too far. Neither trip will take you under any bridges :) We hope this helps you to choose the perfect trip for you! Please remember all boats must be checked in at one of our two takeouts no later than 6pm. This means we do not recommend passing our Rossmoor takeout past 3pm or you will be late! Please give us a call if you have any questions because we are here to help! 888-338-RAFTS