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Why Us

Safety, Experience ,Stewardship

Welcome to American River Raft Rentals

Our Mission Statement: We believe that the foundation for our system’s success lies in our Safety, Experience, and Stewardship. The safety of all of our guests is by far our most paramount commitment achieved through the use of our industry’s most reliable equipment and professionals since 1974. We believe that rivers are our earth’s most valuable resource and protecting waterways for the preservation of our planet and for the recreational enjoyment of future generations is our life’s mission – please join us in making it yours.
Our customer service philosophy is simple – we sell fun in the sun and each rental comes with a smile. Founded on the principle that rivers should be enjoyed by all, we pride ourselves in offering recreational opportunities to outdoor enthusiasts regardless of one’s previous experience. Our river rentals are so dependable and convenient that little to no skillfulness or planning is necessary on behalf of our guests.  
Fun in sun
Pack Your Trash

ARRR! Meet Captain Splash & Eddie the Otter

Captain Splash​
Eddie the Otter​

Featured on ESPN

Organizations We Support

American River Conservancy
Save the American River Association​
American River Parkway Foundation​
American Whitewater​
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